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WonderDome provides an inspiring learning experience, which captivates all ages. An inflatable planetarium is brought to your location, where the knowledgeable presenter will set up in the Hall and provide amazing planetarium shows. A timetable is agreed and each group will be transported into the world of space and science.

A WonderDome planetarium school visits are popular as they are easy to organise and provide an unforgettable ‘wow’ for learners. The perfect out of classroom experience which can kickstart a topic or consolidate learning. Our planetarium shows cover all ages, so everyone benefits from a WonderDome visit.

A WonderDome mobile planetarium is like a large domed tent, without a base. It is blown up with a large fan and everyone enters through the simple zip entrance. When it’s inflated the equipment inside projects 360 degrees to reveal the wonders of the Universe which your knowledgeable presenter will talk you through.

Our mobile planetariums are pretty huge, allowing for up to 30 children and 3 adults to enjoy a show all together. We recommend no more simply due to comfort and there being enough room so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience.


We cover all aspects of space. From the Solar System, how it all works together, the size of the planets and more, to space exploration including the Apollo Moon landings, the ISS and future missions. Content is curriculum-led covering the key ideas.

However, if there’s something specific you’d like your presenter to cover then please let us know when booking. We’ll always do our best to accommodate requests.

That’s up to you. And for how long you have access to a suitable venue too. We’d recommend between 25 to 40 minutes for EYFS and KS1 and no less than 30 minutes for KS2 and above. At least an hour would be ideal. However, we appreciate that access to a large room is a premium within the school day. We therefore work with you to make the most of the timetable to ensure everyone who’s accessing the WonderDome will have the best experience.

Yes, WonderDome is a fully immersive and sensory experience which all can enjoy. We offer a range of shows which can adapt to the needs of any pupil. Sensory, light content or lower key stage as required. We hold a National Autistic Society award.
Access into the WonderDome for wheelchair users is simple – we lift the side and the user wheels in. No tunnel to negotiate.

All of our shows are led by our wonderful presenters. They have a genuine passion for communicating their knowledge about space. Whilst their knowledge is vast, their skill to simplify complex ideas is second to none.

Many feedback comments talk about how great the presenters are, particularly when they are questioned at the end of a session.


Yes, all our presenters will come along with a copy of their full DBS certificate for your reference, if required.

Yes. All equipment undergoes annual PAT and certificates can be provided before your visit.

Our risk assessment is also available. We’ll provide that on booking a visit too.

We will invoice you once the visit is complete. Payment terms are included on the invoice.

Our prices and cancellation policy can be found here.

Contact us at We’ll work with you to find an alternative solution or date if required.
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