Sheffield mobile planetarium

Be captivated by the awe & wonder of the Universe

Sheffield mobile planetarium

Be captivated by the awe & wonder of the Universe
Immersive and captivating
planetarium shows for all ages

WonderDome Sheffield mobile planetarium has been visiting schools & groups around Sheffield for over 10 years now. Our presenter-led space-themed planetarium shows are a motivating addition to science topics, adding a sense of wonder about the Universe around us.

Our mobile planetarium shows are suitable for all ages & abilities and tailored to each group. You can be assured that our shows will spark a desire to learn and to explore so much more. So, stepping into a WonderDome Sheffield mobile planetarium transports you on a cosmic journey, a thrilling adventure exploring the wonders of the Universe. Our captivating shows are tailored to all ages, delivering curriculum-focused (EnglandScotland and Wales), presenter-led content which will ignite their curiosity. From planet formation to the birth and death of stars, from launching rockets to stepping foot on other worlds, it’s an unforgettable opportunity to bring the marvels of space right into your school or venue. Inspire future space explorers and kickstart their lifelong love of space and science with a WonderDome experience.

Chat to Mission Control (our bookings office) to find out how we can make this an unforgettable experience.


  • shows adapted to meet the needs of all levels of learning
  • flexible show lengths to make the most of your WonderDome Sheffield mobile planetarium visit
  • the simple yet motivating solution to kickstarting a topic or consolidating learning ideas
  • experienced, knowledgeable and friendly presenters

Find out more about our inflatable planetarium shows:


Knowledgeable, friendly and awe-inspiring, you can’t help but be mesmerised by a WonderDome planetarium presenter. With a genuine passion for space they’ll take you on a cosmic journey.

mobile planetarium with presenters
mobile planetarium 5 star reviews - starry night


We’re very proud that we regularly receive 5-star reviews from everyone who experiences the WonderDome. But don’t just take our word for it.

Find out how your Sheffield mobile planetarium will be a 5-star stellar experience.


There’s always a buzz of excitement when people see the silver space dome appear in the hall or venue because it looks so exciting. Here’s how it all works.

mobile planetarium_ in action

Just a few of the schools & groups we’ve visited with our Sheffield mobile planetarium and inspired about space:

  • Abbeyfield Primary Academy, Sheffield
  • Brook House Junior School, Sheffield
  • Marlcliffe Primary School, Sheffield

You may also be interested to visit other places of astronomical interest in this area. Please find below a couple of links: 

Sheffield Astronomical Society  

The function of the Sheffield Astronomical Society is to bring astronomy education to the general public and to provide a regular meeting place for those interested in astronomy, physics and space sciences. Alongside the three scheduled meetings they hold each month, our outreach work includes dedicated observing events and talks to schools, youth groups, adult groups and any other group or organisation with an interest in astronomy, physics and space sciences.