About Us

WonderDome Mobile Planetarium provides mobile space shows. Over past years we visited hundreds of schools.  In addition, WonderDome is a regular guest at education and family centres, scouts organisations, museums, private parties and events across the UK.


WonderDome presenters are astronomy specialists and teachers. They create and deliver interactive space shows in our inflatable space domes. Our unique expertise help to build fun and interactive space-related sessions with age and National curriculum relevance in mind.

The advanced presentation technology and embedded 360-degree full-dome technology brings the wow factor experience to your setting.

Our mission: 

To inspire and educate people about space and astronomy through exciting, interactive space shows.

What does the mobile dome do? 

Our inflatable dome will be set up in your Hall or large indoor area. With the use of our incredible 360-degree camera system coupled with special effects and interactive teaching style.

We take our visitors on an incredible learning journey about the stars and planets; space exploration and other fascination astronomy topics.

With backgrounds in teaching and/or astronomy our presenters can deliver a truly enriching and memorable experience for any age range.

Once inside the inflatable dome, you will experience space and adventure in an interactive, fun and educational way (click on the 45 seconds video to see how we set the planetarium up). 

The wonder of a planetarium and 360-degree immersive cinema for you! We can set up the planetarium in any large hall. The structure can come down for a beak e.g. lunch time. We provide insurance and risk assessment in advance. All our presenters have DBS.

planetarium shows

The advantage of Mobile Planetarium explained:

Booking a WonderDome mobile planetarium has the following advantages for your organisation:

– shows that meet your individual setting and needs;

– your own presenter on site for either a morning or full day, meaning you have the opportunity to ask questions and get further explanations;

– lower costs per child coming to experience the wonders of a planetarium (the price per visitor can be as low as £2.00);

– no travel costs and arrangements to sort out;

– we can provide risk and fire assessments in advance;



New! Immersive Creative Writing Workshops


Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium is now working with the amazing Sheffield Writing Club to deliver creative writing workshops. Get your pupils to benefit from a combination of our mobile dome, 360-degree presentations and the knowledge of the talented and very creative workshop leaders.  In addition, we offer can offer tailored shows. For example, ice-breaking activities for secondary and A-level transition events. Similarly,  run KS2 SATS and KS3 and KS4 exam support workshops.