Our aim is to include every child in our planetarium shows. Whether you need provision for a SEN group or a SEN learner in a mainstream group we’ll work with you to provide the right experience for them. Discovering the wonders of the Universe at their own pace.

Take a look at our GALLERY OF WONDER and see how others have enjoyed their WonderDome experience.

The right experience for all

Our SEN planetarium shows are adaptable & versatile meaning all learners can enjoy the immersive experience.
Light-content shows will include stunning visuals with short, brief commentary to set the scene, where as our sensory shows are a soothing experience with gentle music as the shapes and colours of the Universe dance around the WonderDome.
Focusing on the needs and abilities of the group we’ll work with you to develop the right experience, which may be a smaller group for a shorter show rather than joining the whole class.


All of our WonderDomes are wheelchair friendly. Accessed simply by lifting up one side of the WonderDome as the wheelchair is rolled inside.
And whilst we appreciate that for some the sight of the WonderDome can be exciting, for others it may be daunting. Which is why, time permitting, we offer for those more nervus pupils to have a pre-visit to the WonderDome. Your presenter will be happy to allow them to explore the space safely.

Autism and other special needs

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive and flexible experience, providing educational provision for all. To help with reducing possible anxiety and distress, our Autism Friendly Pre-visit Information Pack details the process and shows examples of what to expect during a visit. 

Request a copy when you book.

At a glance:
  • Wheelchair friendly with simple access
  • Adaptable & versatile shows to suit abilities
  • Sensory shows available
  • Recommended show length: 20-30 minutes
Ruth Elliott Avatar
A really positive experience for the varied abilities and needs of our SEN primary setting. Feedback from teacher, TAs, pastoral care and therapy team have been positive. Clear impact for all children. Fully recommend. Thank you, Annette.
Ruth Elliott
What a fantastic experience for our children. We booked the planetarium with Wonder Dome for the launch day of our topic - Out of this World. The children were hooked from start to finish. It really provided the WOW factor for our children. The Wonder Dome staff were also very inclusive of all children and catered for a range of needs. I would highly recommend Wonder Dome!
Mrs Hunton