There’s always much excitement when the silver planetarium appears in the Hall. Here’s how we bring the wonder of the Universe alive.

On arrival

  • Presenter will bring all equipment on a small trolley
  • Each have their DBS document to be checked, as required
  • Set-up takes 30-40 minutes


  • When it’s all ready, if there are any pupils who are nervous about entering the WonderDome your presenter will be happy to allow them a sneak peek before the shows start, to help settle any anxiety they may be feeling. Speak to your presenter when they arrive.
  • Your presenter will ensure they’re ready to start on time

Is it suitable for those with SEN / wheelchair users?

Yes, WonderDome is a fully immersive and sensory experience which all can enjoy. We offer a range of shows which can adapt to the needs of any pupil. Sensory, light content or lower key stage as required. We hold a National Autistic Society award.
Access into the WonderDome for wheelchair users is simple – we lift the side and the user wheels in. No tunnel to negotiate.

How many can fit inside a WonderDome?

Our inflatable planetariums are pretty huge, allowing for up to 30 children and 3 adults to enjoy a show all together. We recommend no more simply due to comfort and there being enough room so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

What’s the benefit of booking a WonderDome inflatable planetarium?

A WonderDome planetarium school visits are popular as they are easy to organise and provide an unforgettable ‘wow’ for learners. The perfect out of classroom experience which can kickstart a topic or consolidate learning. Our planetarium shows cover all ages, so everyone benefits from a WonderDome visit.

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