No matter their age there’s always something magical about a WonderDome mobile planetarium experience. Transporting you on a cosmic journey through the Solar System and the Universe beyond. In our secondary school planetarium shows we deepen the understanding of how the planets interact, consolidating many of the scientific concepts within the national curriculum.

So whether it’s to ignite their curiosity in the wonder of the Universe or consolidate their scientific understanding, a WonderDome experience will spark a desire to explore and learn more.
Take a look at our GALLERY OF WONDER and see how others have enjoyed their WonderDome experience.

KEY STAGE 3 / S1-3

A captivating way in which to aid transition of scientific knowledge from Primary to Secondary, introducing further scientific thinking and reasoning. Content can be flexed to include as much or as little of the KS3 National Curriculum as needed. Either way a WonderDome mobile planetarium show is an unforgettable opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and spark their love for science.

At a glance

  • Perfect transition from from Primary to Secondary
  • Cross curriculum opportunities
  • Encourages scientific thinking and reasoning
  • Recommended show length: 45+ minutes

KEY STAGE 4 / S4-6

Creating a renewed enthusiasm for the Solar System and beyond, our planetarium show will introduce budding scientists to further astronomy concepts, linked with the latter years curriculum (KS4 and S4-6)Curriculum. An inspiring experience to deepen their curiosity about the Universe around them, creating cross-curriculum discussions outside of the WonderDome too.

At a glance:
  • Complex ideas presented in a visually impactful way
  • Linked with national curriculum
  • Encourages scientific curiosity
  • Recommended show length: 45+ minutes


This level of planetarium shows can be versatile to cover & include topics within the GCSE and Nationals curriculums.

Working with you we create a show which will spark their enthusiasm for all space-related themes. From life and death of stars to motion of the planets. A WonderDome experience will inspire future space explorers and kickstart their lifelong love of space and science. A’level and Higher content shows are also available.

At a glance

  • Versatile shows to cover relevant curriculum topics
  • Unique experience which encourages scientific curiosity
  • Enhances exposure to science communication
  • Recommended show length: 45+ minutes
Dan Leonard Avatar
WonderDome provided an excellent learning experience for our year 7 class. They were incredibly excited before the show and it exceeded all expectations. The presentation was tailored to our curriculum requirements and they hung on Steve's every word. We'll be making bookings again!
Dan Leonard
Wonderdome was a excellent event to book. Our presenter was really organised and informative, a pleasure to meet. Not only did we book Wonderdome for our year 7 students who all came out of the experience enthused about the solar system, wanting to know more but we also used wonderdome to introduce astronomy to our year 10 triple Scientists. This session was delivered at exactly the right level and again sparked interesting questions from our KS4 scientists
Joanna Scott