All of the WonderDome presenters are self-declared space nerds. Each with extensive experience of presenting to a variety of ages and groups, passing on their love and knowledge of space. Their enthusiasm to share their knowledge is infectious and their knowledge is vast, yet each have honed the ability to explain complex ideas for all ages to understand.

With a renowned mix of storytelling, dramatic flair and a friendly smile, our WonderDome presenters will  captivate and transport you into their universe of awe-inspiring space.

Located all over the UK.

WonderDome Presenter

‘the Starman’

The godfather of mobile planetariums!

  • One of the first to deliver mobile planetarium shows in the UK.
  • An astronomy author, journalist & broadcaster
  • Dedicated to space education, setting up astronomy activity base in Sheffield
  • His claim to fame is being on the Teletubbies

Favourite space joke:​

What do you call an alien with 3-eyes?​
Covers in and around the Sheffield area and
further North too.

WonderDome presenter

‘the astro-adventurer’

A qualified language teacher, turned space-inspirer
  • Inspired by the advances of space technologies
  • Loves the myths and legends that have shaped our sky
  • Presents by the motto ‘education should always be fun!’

Favourite space joke:​

How do you organise a space party?
You planet!
Covers in and around the Sheffield area, and travels further north

MATT (#2)
WonderDome presenter

'the astro-joker'

One of WonderDome’s original presenters.
  • joined in 2016
  • avid collector of space-themed books
  • His claim to fame is having met both British astronauts; Helen Sharman and Tim Peake

Favourite space joke:​

Why did the party on the Moon finish early?
There was no atmosphere
​Covers in and around the Sheffield area, as well as travelling further afield to cover demand.

WonderDome presenter

‘the scope-wizard’

Graduated with a degree in Observational Astronomy
  • Loves the questions asked at the end of shows to get his braincells working
  • Regularly found peering through his scope, when the clouds stay away

Favourite space joke:​

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity……it’s impossible to put down!
Travels all over the UK

WonderDome presenter

‘the entertainer’

A natural dramatic flair to entertain and inspire

  • Previous science-experiment presenter
  • Experienced entertaining large groups
  • Claim to fame as a stilt walker in a Harry Potter film
Favourite space joke:
What do you do if you see a spaceman?
Park in it, man!
Covers the Midlands and Staffordshire

WonderDome presenter

‘the moon-lover’

Juggling presenting, study and family
  • Keen observer & photographer of the Moon
  • Fascination with the Moon landings
  • Has too many books and not enough time!

Favourite space joke:​

What’s a cow’s favourite thing to see in the sky?
Covers the North West and North Staffordshire, including in and around Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and Cheshire

WonderDome presenter

‘the cosmic-musician’

Twenty eight years of teaching experience
  • Wanted to move his teaching out of the classroom
  • A passion for planetary science and geology
  • Creates out of this world cosmic-themed music

Favourite space joke:​

How does the man on the Moon get his hair cut?
Eclipse it
Covers much of Yorkshire and parts of

WonderDome presenter

‘the observer’

Worked in an observatory for many years

  • A dab hand at presenting & captivating large groups
  • Co-authored a kids science book about ‘Discovering Energy’
  • Stand-up comedian by night

Favourite space joke:​

Why do aliens always spill their tea?
Because of their flying saucers
Covers the South coast, plus Surrey and parts of London

Matt #3
WonderDome presenter

‘the historian’

In awe of how humans have learnt to be in awe of the skies

  • Taught humanities which gives him a unique take on Astro-history
  • Previously taught overseas
  • Avid collector of space-related artefacts

Favourite space joke:​

Why does the earth's orbit around the sun make your mouth itch?
Because it's elliptical.
Covers north London, plus Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxford and Northamptonshire

WonderDome presenter

‘the cosmic-performer’

An astrophysicist who takes to the stage & streaming
  • Graduated with astrophysics degree from University of Exeter
  • Runs & manages Woking Planetarium
  • Regularly streams and podcasts about gaming and D&D

Favourite space joke:​

Why don’t aliens eat clowns?
Because they taste funny.
Covers West and South-West from London

WonderDome presenter

‘the NASA physicist’

The only one who can answer ‘Yes’ when asked if they’ve worked for NASA
  • Helped design the Swift mission
  • Extensive experience in teaching, science and outreach
  • Supports a local charity in his spare time

Favourite space joke:​

Einstein came up with a theory about space.
And it was about time too!
Covers Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.
Jacqueline Orr Avatar
An amazing experience. Ben was extremely knowledgeable-there was nothing that Y8 students could ask him that he didn't know. He did 3 shows and was flexible enough to change them sightly to suit the different students. I 100% recommend Wonderdome and they will definitely be back in school
Jacqueline Orr 7/10/2023
Estie Edwards Avatar
Year 5 had a wonderful experience this week! Matt was informative, engaging, with a vast knowledge to share. Staff and pupils left, having expanded their knowledge, very excited about the fact that they will remember their visit to 'The Dome' for years to come.
Estie Edwards 12/08/2022
Amy Keith Avatar
What a fabulous experience the whole school had. Dennis guided each class in age-appropriate activities which left everyone eager for more. Everything about this was straight forward - from booking to welcoming Dennis on the day. I highly recommend Wonder Dome as a school experience!
Amy Keith 2/29/2020