Our location

We deliver mobile space shows to schools and organisations across the UK. We have presenters across the UK who cover all areas. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Our location for our mobile planetarium business address is in Sheffield – a wonderful city served by two universities. The University of Sheffield Physics and Astronomy Department in the UK TOP 10 research output departments. Such proximity to the first-hand knowledge allows our space workshop presenters to stay in tune with the up to date research and development in the field of Astronomy.

There are a number of local space and science-related points of interest in these areas. For example, space enthusiast at The Chesterfield Barnett Observatory in Chesterfield offer amazing stargazing sessions for groups and families. The National Space Centre in Leicester is another great place to visit and learn more about the past, present and the future of the space exploration. The visit to The Space Centre is part of the family day out package offered by the Stay Pay Explore scheme, which offers great family deals to visit Leicestershire attractions in conjunction with 4* hotel stays. The University of Manchester Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in Macclesfield offers a unique space experience to its visitors. It also hosts the ever growing in popularity The Blue Dot festival where the music, art and space science are combined in an unforgettable award-winning event.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy also runs a number of public events, which in addition to booking a planetarium visit to school can be enjoyed throughout the academic year. Stay updated with the information from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/physics