Learn about Space on May half term holidays!

Our favourite May half term acrivity: learning how to be an astronaut

The countdown to May half term holidays has begun!

It is perfectly all right to jump on your garden trampoline and eat ice-cream all week long if you ask me. But if you feel a bit adventurous, have a look at these family friendly space themed events and activities across the UK. Some of them you definitely don’t want to miss!

National Space Centre, Leicester

Rocket scientists at heart will be pleased to hear about this special event The mighty Thor that the NSC will be hosting during the half term. Thor is the name of the whole family of American rockets. US scientists used them for re entry tests and satellite launches in the late 50s. Visit NSC for a special rocket science show, Thor rocket guided tour and even a craft for the little ones!


Science Museum, London

As if you could ever get tired of their permanent space exhibition (our space dome team could spend the whole visit admiring the lunar module replica) and events, the Museum will host five very special sleepover Astronights in 2018 for the kids age 7 to 11.  The nearest sleepover falls on June 01. Be there or be square!

Another Science Museum’s “must see” is a model of BepiColombo spacecraft that will be launched in October 2018 to explore planet Mercury. This particular model was used to test the mission’s “thermal resilience” because the real spacecraft will have to withstand the temperatures ranging from -190C to +427C! BepiColombo is on loan from European Space Agency. 

Greenwich Observatory, Greenwich, London

The observatory is home to Prime (Greenwich) meridian and Gibeon meteorite and is well worth a visit any time of the year. For an extra-special experience visit one of their special family events:

Event: Young astronomers workshop 

More info: https://www.rmg.co.uk/see-do/exhibitions-events/young-astronomers-workshop-0

What: presentation themed around Solar System and beyond, chat with student astronomers

When: from April 1 to June 30, weekends only


Event: Out of this World: Moon

More info: ttps://www.rmg.co.uk/see-do/exhibitions-events/out-world-moon

What: virtual reality experience, Moon quiz, chat with a real astronomer

When: May 28, 29, 30

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Macclesfield

Credit: Mike Peel; Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester.


The discovery centre offers May Half term: Operation Earth activities during the school holidays. Come for a drop-in session to “learn about the current issues facing our planet and what you can do to help”. When you finish, don’t forget to walk around the base of the famous Lowell telescope, have a look at the Centre’s permanent exhibition and enjoy the beautiful gardens!

Kielder Observatory, Kielder, Northumberland

For a field experience head to Kielder Observatory near Scottish Border. This modern educational facility offers great opportunities to enjoy the night sky to enthusiasts of all ages. For a whole family experience visit “Space kids” or “Family Astronomy” events. “Jupiter night” is our favourite grown-up activity.

Spaceport, Wallasey

If you are heading for Liverpool, stop by the Spaceport for a short journey out of this world. Simulator ride, robotic telescope and a Space Theatre are among the Spaceport’s attractions. There is even a Star Wars exhibition for the Sci-Fi fans!

Or why not hosting your own space event?

How about “backyard stars and legends night”? Show the kids your favourite constellations and tell them stories behind each shape. Or,even better, make up your own stories! If you are not sure you can find the constellations right, use one of the planetarium apps. Our favourite is Google Sky Map.  Alternatively, visit our inflatable planetarium to learn your way about the night sky!

Have a great May half term holidays!