Wonderdome Midlands Mobile Planetarium

Things To Do For Space Enthusiast In Midlands

Midlands Mobile Planetarium is just one of many opportunities for those with interest in the space and astronomy. There are many things on offer. For example, Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum. This science museum is rated as one of the top family activities. Thinktank offers a range of hands-on STEM activities.  From outdoor water play facility to the space-related exhibition there something for everyone. Prices for the visit start with £13.50 for adults and £9.50 for a child and the under 3 goes FREE. In addition, the museum offers weekend planetarium shows at the extra cost of £1.50 https://www.birminghammuseums.org.uk/thinktank/whats-on/planetarium-shows-june-weekends

mobile planetarium

Furthermore, the University of Birmingham astrophysics department offers free public even under their Astronomy in the City campaign. Those wishing to visit an observatory can attend events, which run throughout the year (5.45 pm -10 pm). These are FREE  but booking is essential. For more information follow the link: https://www.sr.bham.ac.uk/observatory/astronomyinthecity.php

Midland Mobile Planetarium – Wonderdome

Likewise, Mobile Planetarium services with a range of presenter-led shows offered by Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium in Midlands area. However, unlike the stationary facilities, the mobile dome can visit your school, club, event or organisation. As a result, the visit will be only a fraction of the cost of travelling and paying entrance fees. Noteworthy, Midland mobile planetarium will guarantee clear starry night conditions! For more information visits our booking page. We have successfully visited hundreds of schools in the Midlands and nearby areas and have some fantastic feedback.

mobile space show

‘I just wanted to ask if you could pass on my thanks to the presenter for all the hard work today at Northlands Primary School. All the children were so excited and engaged by the discussion and the spectacle inside the Wonder Dome – and they learned so much!  Thank you once again for a fantastic day!Louise Hunt, Science Lead Northlands Primary

Finally, for those anxious learners, the Wonderdome Midlands Mobile Planetarium services offers information booklet. The information can be shared with the visitors in advance of the session to reduce the worry of the unknown for the best experience of our space dome (LINK TO THE BOOKLET)