October 2019: half term space themed family fun

half term holidays space fun

End of October can only mean two things: half term holidays and, most likely, bad weather. If you are on the impossible mission to find interesting and educational events that will keep your overtired pupil happy, entertained and engaged, check out these family friendly space events and activities! Happy holidays and may the force be with you!

Museum of the Moon, Gloucester

If you haven’t yet seen the legendary “Museum of the Moon”, it’s time! The 7 meter big inflatable Moon replica is on a display in Gloucester Cathedral until November 4. Don’t miss!


Show “Stella”, various venues

Young stargazers age 3 and up (and their families) will absolutely love aerial circus performance “Stella” by Filskit Theatre company. This magical show inspired by the night sky tells a story of a star engineer from the Moon called Stella and her quest to save the stars. The show will take place on the following dates:

  • October 29

Farnham Maltings, Surrey


  • October 30

The Point, Eastleigh


  • October 31 (1pm and 4pm)

Chapter House, Gloucester Cathedral



Stargazing, Exmoor National Park

Get your warm clothes ready, fill your flasks with hot chocolate, we are going outside! Of course you can marvel at the night sky from anywhere, even from your own garden. But the best places to look at the stars are the dark locations away from city lights and big roads. National Parks Dark Skies Festival offers amazing opportunities for stargazing throughout Autumn and Winter. The first festival, Exmoor Dark Skies Festival, will take place over the half term between October 14 and November 3. 

There will be talks, stargazing, night walks and crafts for all ages, so check out the event programme.


Holiday activities, National Space Centre, Leicester

Who needs spooky Halloween stories when you have Space just 100 kilometers above your head. Freeze to death? Check! Boiling bodily fluids? Check! Deadly radiation? Check!

Visit one of the UK’s most popular space destinations for some Spooky Space fun before November 3. And don’t forget to wear your space suit!


Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Cinemas across the UK

Ok, the new “Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon” is not especially scientifically accurate, but as far as there is the cutest sheep ever plus aliens and flying saucers, we are not going to complain! In cinemas from October 18. 


Public lecture, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

Grown-ups and older children interested in Astronomy will have a chance to learn all about the large scale structure of the Universe (aka Cosmic Web) in a public talk The skeleton of our Universe  by Dr Cora Uhlemann on October 30. You are coming, aren’t you?


Astronomy and Islam Mornings, Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Early Arabic scientists played a very important role in laying the foundations of the modern Astronomy, from early observations of the sky and apparent motion of celestial objects, to developing mathematical tools and astronomical instruments.

Visit the Greenwich observatory on October 26 (10AM) to learn about the Autumn sky, famous Arabic astronomers and their discoveries. The Astronomy and Islam Mornings show is suitable for general audience over the age of 11. No previous knowledge of Astronomy is required! 


Planetarium Shows, Partington, Manchester 

WonderDome inflatable planetarium is proud to be a part of the October Half Term WOW Week at The Hideway Play Centre in Manchester. The special holiday activities include messy play, crafts, animal encounters and, of course, our out-of-this-word star dome space show! All ages and abilities are welcome! We hope to see you there!

Have you been to any of these half term holiday events? Or know other space themed events we haven’t mentioned? Share your reviews and pictures with our readers!