Planetarium Shows for other groups

Suitable for: age 3 and over (we will discuss your requirements in advance)

Show length: 20 to 50 mins

Wow factor: 10 / 10

Show summary


We work with many groups including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides to teach them about the wonders of the Universe. Our sessions are designed to meet the requirements of the Astronomer Activity Badge. We can also deliver different shows if you are looking for something other than the Astronomer Badge.



A typical session might include learning about the planets and moons in our solar system, or looking at the stars and learning how to recognise constellations as they move overhead. We enable our visitors to ‘fly’ through the solar system looking carefully at the planets. We also demonstrate what life is like on the International Space Station (ISS) (including how to brush your teeth or go to sleep!)


Our shows are presenter led and provide many opportunities to ask questions for deeper understanding. Our presenters are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about space.


One of our aims in this show is that all attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to recognise some stars and constellations in the sky! Through the planetarium, we have the ability to project the stars onto the dome walls and then examine the constellations and learn some Greek Mythology stories linked to them.


Extra information:


This show can be adapted for different ages and groups depending on need. One of the aims is to show each person that the Universe is a wonderfully exciting and mysterious place and that there is so much to see and learn. The mobile planetarium creates a magical environment to marvel at the wonders of space and creates a fascination and desire to know more.