Mobile Planetarium

Mobile planetarium shows to inspire all ages

Mobile Planetarium

Mobile planetarium shows to inspire all ages

Our WonderDomes always create a buzz of excitement when they appear in the hall or venue. Sometimes known as inflatable planetariums, mobile planetariums, star dome or space dome. Whichever name you use, the experience with WonderDome is always unforgettable.

WHAT IS A mobile planetarium?

A mobile planetarium is essentially a large dome which can show movies and still images to visitors. It is both educational and fun and appeals to all ages – just so long as they have an interest in the world beyond our own.

Our WonderDomes have 6m diameter, which fits up to 30 people inside comfortably. It stands at 3.8m tall, although it can be lowered to accommodate smaller venues. To approximately 3m.


The mobile planetarium is inflated by a large fan which is attached through an ‘air tube’. It takes approximately 10 minutes to fully inflate.

Once inflated the presenter explains to the visitors that they need to enter the mobile planetarium in a safe and orderly way, and as quickly as possible, to prevent as much air as possible escaping.

When all the visitors are inside the mobile planetarium the door can be zipped up and the fan will re-inflate the dome to its maximum size.

As soon as the mobile planetarium is full of air the presenter can begin the show.


WonderDome shows accommodate for all ages and abilities. They can be visually impactful for those with limited language. Or more in depth about specific areas of space exploration. We teach children as young as 2 and adults who already have extensive knowledge on many of the topics around space. We work with you to ensure thecontent of the show is relevant to the group.

For those visitors who are wheelchair bound access is simple by lifting the edges of the mobile planetarium, enabling a smooth entrance and exit.


The Wonderdome mobile planetarium can be set up in any suitably large indoor space. Typically, these spaces are school or church halls, but we have had some really unique locations too!

The height of the room where the dome will be located must be around the height you could play Badminton in.
Ideally, the dome will be set up in a place which is quiet. Having noises outside the dome can spoil the effects for the people on the inside.


All of our shows are led by our wonderful presenters. They have a genuine passion for communicating their knowledge about space. Whilst their knowledge is vast, their skill to simplify complex ideas is second to none.

Many feedback comments talk about how great the presenters are, particularly when they are questioned at the end of a session.
mobile planetarium with presenters