Making a Perfect Space Party

space party ideas

3 Party Ingredients For A Fabulous Space Party:

We have been visiting birthday space parties with Wonderdome on a number of occasions. However, our presenter Matt (the father we all wish we have ) took his party to the astronomical level! We really want to share Matt’s perfect space party for everyone out there in the immensity of birthday space party ideas.


Ingredient One – A Perfect Space Cake:

A perfect space cake. There are many ideas for some funky space cakes on the Internet. Some of them have a clearly visible universe or the solar system on the outside. You can also find a Galaxy Cake Pops arrangements designs.  Matt did his cake with a twist. It is not until the cake have been cut the mystery of the universe became revealed to the guests. To download the recipe, please visit our free resources page. Matt’s recipe also provides a suggestion on how to make his cake dairy-free for those who might suffer from allergies.

space party birthday cake


Ingredient Two – Space Action:

The birthday girl or a boy in space action. This one needs to be made in advance. A bit of photoshopping and photo editing magic can help to create some long-lasting laughter and memories. An imaginative photo may also be just the little something to help your child to imagine themself being a future space explorer. Just a little step in making something big!

birthday space party photoshop

Ingredient Three – Mobile Space Planetarium:

OK, this really should be the ingredient one in our opinion 🙂 A mobile planetarium directly to your venue.  There your birthday boy or girl can choose the theme of the shows. For example, it can be Crazy Constellations, Unbelievable Universe and even Supersonic Space Travel. We know that there are many Start Wars fans out there and planetarium is a good thematic addition to the Star Wars-themed party. The photos get inserted into any shows to bring the wow factor. You can even have a happy birthday song sing-a-long. By the way, did you know that in 2013 it was Curiosity’s Mars Rover birthday?

How to Book Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium For a Space Party?

space birthday party

Simple. All you need is to arrange a date via the booking form. Once you have an agreed date, you will need to book a venue that will accommodate our large dome (height is 4 meters). We will discuss the details of the party arrangements and book one of our amazing presenters to bring the out-of-this-world space party experience to your very own planet Earth location. Lastly, the great thing is that the party is suitable for age 5+ to 205 or more 🙂